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Sound Masking &

Speech Privacy  Systems

Sound Masking is the addition of sound created by special digital generators and distributed by normally unseen speakers through an area to reduce distractions or provide confidentiality where needed. The sound is broad band random that conveys no information about itself to a listener. It is often referred to erroneously as White Noise,  the sound spectrum and level is specially shaped to provide the degree of privacy desired by occupants. Masking operates by covering up or masking unwanted sounds, similar to perfume that covers up other odors. This is in contrast to the technique of active noise control which attempts to eliminate the unwanted sound. Sound masking is used in homes, commercial offices, medical facilities, court rooms, and in secure facilities to provide secrecy.

Quality Sound Masking Installation and the best selection of high tech security systems are just two of the reasons that make the perfect choice for White Noise Sound Masking Systems. When you're looking for the best in Security Access, speech privacy devices, and high tech security systems, look no further than Since 1989, we've proudly been offering the best Sound Masking White Noise systems that help greatly increase speech privacy and security of your business or organization. We're GSA licensed, and are the chosen provider of sound masking systems by a number of government organizations and businesses.

Acoustical Sound Panels with Custom Artwork

# 1

# 1

Custom Sound Absorbing Panels

with Art by Ruth Israel

Call for Quotation

Example of Pricing:


  • T(1) 1/2" - 4' x 8' Sound Panel Board
    $ 131.85

  • (1) Roll Transparent Fabic Mesh
    $ 98.95

  • (1) Wooden Frame Assembly
    $ 98.97

  • (1) Art by Ruth
    $ 1,945.00

  • Total (for this piece)
    $ 2,274.77

Panel Size


Ruth Israel Art + Illustration

SoundChoice Reduces Noise from the next room

The example used is Chalk on Transparent Fabric on Sound Board

This piece took approximatley 12 hours to build

Cost is based on Artists Time @ $ 78.75 per hour






+1 303 670 1099

Sound Absorbing Panels in Shadow Mountain Recording Studio

# 2

# 2

Acoustical Panel Array - Sound Cloud above Drums

Fabric Roll Above Door and Panels Above Window

Musical Notes Sound Panel

Panels Above Window and on Wall

Sound Absorbing Panels in Stage Door Performing Arts Theatre

# 3

# 3

Ruth Israel Panel Art


Ruth took the colors of the room to create her
Panel Design


Ruth's Panels are behind the Seating Area

 And on the side walls for Sound Absorption

More on Ruth Israel Art

Shadow Mountain Recording Studio

# 4

# 4