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GSA No. GS-07F-9239S


Power Supplies & Relays

Price: $ 275.00

PS1224-2: Power Supply

General purpose, heavy duty power supply with 2 amp output designed for continuous operation wherever reliable DC power is required. LED power indicator and selectable outputs at 6, 12 and 24V. Ventilated steel housing. Barrier strip terminals with clamps. Mounting holes to install to a wall or rack shelf. 


Model No. Input Depth Width Height
PS1224-2 117 VAC 7.5 in. 3.25 in. 3.625 in.


Price: $ 28.00

PS2405: Power Supply


Power supply for use with Lowell’s RY Series relays, priority type attenuators and other general purpose applications has universal input (100-240 VAC) and 24 VDC output (500mA). Includes four adaptors — NEMA 1-15 plug for use in North America (factory installed), CEE 7/16 for central Europe, BS 1363 for the U.K., and AS 3112 for Australia/New Zealand. Easy change-out. UL Listed. 



Model No. Universal Input Depth Width Height
PS2405 100-240 VAC 2 in. [50.8 mm] 1.5 in. [38.1 mm] 3 in. [76.2 mm]



from $ 136.00

RY Series: Relay


RY Series modules feature heavy duty, double-pole double-throw (DPDT) relays. Each relay has a 5A contact rating, includes spike and polarity protection, and is independent to allow maximum application versatility. The relay may also be field converted to AC operation by installing an electrolytic capacitor (see instruction sheet). These general purpose relay models are reliable building blocks used in a wide variety of applications.

Model No. Contact Type Length Width Height
RY-2 (2) DPDT 5 in. [127 mm] 3.28 in. [83.3 mm] 1.68 in. [42.6 mm]
RY-4 (4) DPDT 5 in. [127 mm] 6.25 in. [158.7 mm] 1.68 in. [42.6 mm]



Price: $ 166.00

RYPS-1A: Relay


Powered relay allows a wide variety of equipment to be remotely switched on/off using one or more low voltage switches (ordered separately). It’s ideal for applications where there is a need to switch multiple independent high current or high voltage circuits from a remote location where only low voltage/low current wiring is practical. Includes power supply with 4 plug adaptors. 

Model No. Contact Type Length Width Height
RYPS-1A DPDT 5 in. [127 mm] 3.28 in. [83.3 mm] 1.68 in. [42.6 mm]


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