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There's something to be said about Experience. AVLELEC was established May, 1989 in Lincolnshire, IL. Our first client was Moore Business Forms, Lake Forest, IL. Moore was bought out by R.R. Donnelley, and we are still doing business with R.R. Donnelley to this day.


Our background is SOUND - Patrick McAllister has been involved in the Professional Sound Business most of his life - he has designed and installed systems for Corporate, Government, Performing Arts, Stadiums, Concert Halls and more. He studied Soundmasking with one of the inventors of Soundmasking - White Noise, Pink Noise, Brown Noise -- Analyzation, Db Levels - Speech Privacy.. all key words - and we know what they mean, and how to implement them.


Patrick started Audio Tech Systems, Denver, CO. in 1979. Some of his more prominent installations were the Interim Sound System at Mile High Stadium ( Home of The Denver Broncos ) in the early 80's, Boulder's Coast, Club LA, Westiminster, Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railway, Denver.


Installation Abbott Labs

# 1

# 1

Training Room A with Crestron Remote

A/V Rack for Abbott Training Room

Training Room B with Crestron Remote

Motorola Focus Group A/V Recording

Moore Business Forms

# 2

# 2

CEO Presentation Room with 10 Channel Lexicon Surround Sound, Crestron Remote, Custom Table and Control Podium with Rear Projection Presentation Booth.

McCormick Place South Expansion

# 3

# 3

World Com Video Conferencing System

World Com Video Conferencing System


World Com Video Conferencing System



Fifty Seven (57) A/V and Room-Combining Racks - 5,000 Floor Ports, and over 2,000 speakers

Installation Videos

# 4

# 4

Acoustical Panel Array - Sound Cloud above Drums

Fabric Roll Above Door and Panels Above Window

Soundmasking System - Installation DOCUMENTATION

# 5

# 5

AutoCAD Installation


Device Location Detail


Wiring Diagram

Equipment Rack


SoundMasking System

Hewlett Packard

SoundMasking System
Northrop Grumman

SCIF Speech Privacy Portable Offices

How does an AVLELEC Soundmasking System Work?

# 6

# 6

Drywall w/o Soundmasking

(.mp3) Sound File

Office Area without Soundmasking

 Tiles and Sound Masking

(.mp3) Sound File

Same Office Area with Soundmasking


Noise Levels






Here are 2 sample recordings that let you hear the differences of an environment with and without Soundmasking.

To get the true effect, these sound files should be listened through headphones.