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Ceiling-Tile Soundmasking Speakers
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Commercial Products

AVLELEC commercial series products are used in 8 ohm and 70/100 volt commercial installations around the world. AVLELEC commercial series speakers feature a solid, smooth face with no unsightly grille allowing them to blend effortlessly into any decor.

For invisible ceiling speaker sound systems, AVLELEC recommends the ST2416S and ST2432D Speaker Tile series. The ST2416S and ST2432D speakers are architecturally designed to easily replace a standard 2' x 2' drop ceiling tile. The ST2416S and ST2432D line provides architects and designers with several choices in patterns to blend into existing ceiling tile styles.

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Classic Sound Advance Speakers

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SA2C Invisible Speaker


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CT10 In-Ceiling
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CT8 Ceiling Tile Speaker System

CT8 In-Ceiling


FM Speaker System

FM1 / ES-62T

Prommercial� Series

CM860 Speaker Assembly CM860 In-Ceiling
CM660 Speaker Assembly CM660 In-Ceiling
MS516 Indoor Surface Mount Speaker SM516 Indoor Outdoor

FastMount Series

FMS530 Surface Mount Speaker FMS530
FMS660 Surface Mount Speaker FMS660
FMS860 Surface Mount Speaker FMS860
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